shanda catrice

Hi, I'm Shanda & I help women find their True North in LOVE and in Life.

Truth Illuminator + Love Liberator... or what I liked to call a little bit of "sass" and a little bit of "woo." I'm a fiery but fiercely compassionate truth teller and visionary who doesn't just help, but also guides, supports and heals. Using a process I developed called the Radical Love Method,™ I help women create Radical change and achieve Radical results in LOVE. My approach to transformation challenges you to get Real and get Radically honest about the part that YOU have been playing in your own love (and life) story.

Having spent years stuck in the "wrong job" and sometimes even stuck in the "wrong relationship," I can understand how frustrating, draining and even painful it feels to be out of alignment with your heart and soul. When we are out of alignment with the innermost parts of ourselves, we are out of alignment with who we truly are. When we find ourselves, we find the truest essence and nature of LOVE. Through a unique combination of coaching and intuitive guidance, I help women connect to their hearts and align with their inner truth so they can reclaim their sense of self and move into healthier, authentic love relationships.

As a contemporary mystic, I've studied different spiritual traditions, cultures, philosophies and healing modalities from master teachers and visionaries from around the world, all in efforts of learning and then sharing information that will help guide women through inner transformation. This journey has led me to work with shamans, energy healers, intuitive readers, holistic practitioners, anthropologists, and therapists. I have learned to fuse the "woo" with the "practical" by beautifully bringing together esoteric wisdom, sacred healing arts, and also science to help liberate the hearts of women from the thoughts, conditions, and limitations that have been blocking them from the love and life they deeply desire AND deserve.

My mission, my message, and my teaching, through example, is simply LOVE.

As an Intuitive Coach and Healer, I would love to help you on your path to forming healthier relationships with yourself and others so you can begin to live the life you've always yearned for. I offer my clients a safe space to explore their truth and align with their hearts to create deeper LOVE, CONNECTION, and PURPOSE. Say YES to a richer, fuller, and more aligned life today by scheduling your complimentary 30 Minute Soul Session here.



Shanda Catrice is a fiercely compassionate truth teller and visionary who empowers women to find their True North in Love and in Life. She is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Meditation Teacher and Radical Love Coach. Shanda has over 10 years of experience guiding women through inner transformation and has studied different spiritual traditions, philosophies and healing modalities from master teachers from around the world. Shanda is passionate about supporting women in their “Love Work” and beautifully combines sacred healing arts with practical science to radically shift the lives of women. She has lovingly facilitated a series of workshops, healing circles, meditation classes, and coaching retreats that have helped women create deeper connections to themselves, to their purpose and to love. Using a process she has developed called the Radical Love Method™ Shanda encourages women to connect to their hearts, tune into their intuition and align with their inner truth so they can experience healthy, authentic and real love. Known as the coach with a little bit of sass and a whole lot of soul, Shanda’s mission, and message through her teachings is simply LOVE.