Your Heart & Soul Knows What is True

She had blondish, long (dred) locs and an earring in her nose. I'm guessing she was in her early twenties but that didn't really matter to me because I was drawn to her energy. I've always wanted to be this kind of free-spirited, boho creative wild woman. The kind of woman I had imagined her to be but never could be because I was too afraid to let go of the conventional world.


One half of my soul has always been bound by fear. For many years I have invested energy into building a fence around my heart. It has served as protection for my heart, keeping all those that would seek to do me harm out but it also become a wall that has kept me from connecting to others in a deep and meaningful way.

As I joined the mystic and two other ladies on a curb in Venice, I could feel my soul synchronistically leading me. Her voice was soothing and her energy very calming as she placed cards directly and intently onto the asphalt. I pulled my dress snugly in an attempt to shield myself from the cool night air as I patiently waited for my turn. I couldn't help but wonder to myself, what she would see, or what would I choose to reveal?

Through the years I have learned how to shield information from intuitives and physics when I felt the need to. But I was here only a few weeks after my surgery, sitting on a curb in Venice on St. Patty's Day not drinking but waiting for a message. So I chose to remain completely open and somehow I knew as soon as she reached for my palm that it would be powerful.

"You've recently had a near death experience?"

And just like that she peered into the depths of my soul and everything made sense. I could see my spiritual path much clearer, I could see my purpose unfolding and I could FEEL my soulmate and twin soul. The resonance that I felt was simply the recognition of the Divine Truth that was already within me.

As you begin to trust your own inner wisdom and cultivate your own intuition, you'll be guided to the right situations, right answers, right teachers, right mentors, right friends and right lovers. Your heart and soul knows what is true for you. This truth will always feel like resonance, like expansion and like LOVE.

I'm glad that I felt the gentle tug that day to go sit on a curb and have my palm read. You can do this of course without a proxy as the Universe is always speaking directly to your soul, but sometimes our world is so full of distractions that we can no longer hear the soft whispers of hearts.

If you feel called to work with me, I would love to assist you ihealing your heart to create deeper intimacy, connection and purpose. You can book your COMPLIMENTARY Soul Clarity Call here.