Your Intuition Is Always Speaking to You

I once had a dream where I heard a voice speak to me in Swahili. Never having heard, studied or been exposed to the language before I jolted out of my sleep and began to scribble in the dark. When I awakened I searched on the internet for the word that was so loudly repeated to me, "Upendo," which is the translation for LOVE in Swahili.

I truly believe that the Universe delivered a powerful message to me that evening. I feel within my heart that I was handed my purpose and mission on this planet, to help men and women return to LOVE. Since then I have had numerous jaw dropping intuitive moments (I'll share some of those later!) where my inner knowingness has shown me that I have an extremely powerful gift. Intuition isn't about being psychic, it isn't about being all knowing or omniscient either. I definitely won't predict your future but what I will do is connect to the energy of your soul and bring YOU the wisdom of your OWN higher self.

We are all intuitive beings, but for some the gift is undeveloped and for others the gift is momentarily clouded by worries, judgments or fears. During these times I'm here and would love to help YOU bring forward your highest truth. Whether you're just curious or have a burning question you need the answer to NOW, I would love to help. If you would like can soul shaking clarity in your love relationships and in your life then book go ahead and get on my calendar by booking your COMPLIMENTARY Soul Clarity Call here.