“I recommend her without reservation.”

I was lucky enough to attend one of Shanda's HEART sessions and have done several individual coaching sessions with her. I found her to be incredibly helpful. After years of attending therapy and working on self care, seeing psychics and other healers, Shanda brought something new and deeper to the table for me. Her presence is incredibly warm and nonjudgmental, allowing for a more profound experience and permitting be to be vulnerable but in a safe way that allowed for growth and advancement. I recommend her without reservation and with great confidence in her ability to help people find happiness and continue on their journey to their greatest love.
I'm so grateful my life path crossed with hers.

— Rupinder L.

“Completely unconditional love.”

It was as if Lady Luck smiled upon me when I found Shanda online. Shanda is an extremely gifted and talented teacher, visionary, coach, and more. Her way of completely honing in on my specific issues was just phenomenal. She knows how to target specific issues and use special tools to move one forward. To sum it up, Shanda Catrice has her own special blend of expertise, using exercises of moving one forward, completely unconditional love, and a winning smile and personality that is so genuine you can feel it."

— SheAh P.


When I think of Shanda, the first word that comes to mind is LOVE. She is such a wonderfully warm, caring, and non-judgemental person. She always contributes her good humor, wisdom, vulnerability, and a collaborative approach with others. I know she extends the same warm-hearted care and to everyone that she connects with. Shanda is truly a special person!

Kristyn Caetano, Intuitive Business Coach & Life Design Strategist


She's an amazing coach..”

I really enjoyed working with Shanda! She's an amazing coach whose programs are very clear and effective. She's also a compassionate person who has an awesome way of encouraging and empowering her clients. For instance, if you're having a bad day, after a few minutes of talking with her, you feel like you're capable of conquering anything! Shanda is indeed a gem!

— Freda N., Owner, Esenyl's Pilates


“Brought tears to my eyes more than once.”

This was my first intuitive reading of any kind so I was very nervous but Shanda took her time and explained everything to me and told me what to expect and answered my questions before we got started. During the reading, I felt her energy through the phone the things she was read about me brought tears to my eyes more than once. She pinpointed the challenges that I'm facing and even hinted at some of my "ways". She offered suggestions on how to overcome my challenges and gave me homework to do that I'm actually looking forward to completing! I will definitely be back to her for readings in the future.

Ketari C.

“True-loving, happy spirit.”

Shanda has really helped me realize aspects of myself that I did not take notice in. She helped me connect dots in areas that were much needed! I highly recommend Shanda for her amazing connection and true-loving, happy spirit. 

— Ariana J., Crystal Healer

A gift I highly recommend giving yourself.

Shanda creates a loving and light-filled space in which connection is easy with the other women, with yourself, and your inner power and light. A talented reader and seer, Shanda’s presence is a gift I highly recommend giving yourself.

Lizzie R., Certified Reiki Master-Teacher and Intuitive Channel