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Awareness is the first step in realistically changing your life AND changing it at the CORE. There is another possibility beyond "numbing out" or "sleepwalking" through your life. Understanding your core trauma aka the Core Love Wound that has been buried deep within your subconscious is essential to healing trauma at the ROOT & SOURCE.

Through a unique combination of spiritual tool and science, I'll help you develop the skills and capacity to shift the way you do love and relationships and most importantly you'll begin the process to truly loving your self. After working with me, my clients feel as if they have finally come home to their self and in many ways have found their authentic self for the very first time in their entire life!





  • Are ready to heal your Love Style (Attachment Style)
  • Understand how your personal Love Style impacts ALL of your relationships
  • Learn How to Recognize the Love Style that keeps you "Activated" in your wound
  • Learn how to choose partners who "Complement" your Love Style and lead you to a more balanced and harmonious relationship
  • Learn the ROOT CAUSE of your Core Love Wound and what you can do to heal and balance your Love Style
  • Want to find your REAL VOICE and not just the voice of the feminine archetypes
  • Are ready to fully accept yourself and make space at the table for all parts of you, even the parts that feel broken
  • Feel that it is time to take control and agency over your life instead of letting your Love Wounds run the show
  • Are ready to create an intimate relationship with your self and in many ways become your own soulmate
  • Want to learn how to build your capacity to stand in the fire aka build emotional resilience
  • You are a natural healer or leader and are ready to fully step into your role as such so that you may serve as a beacon and lead the way for others
  • Finally, fall in love with YOU.



  • Understand the effect of childhood trauma through the lens of awareness and begin the process of healing at the core
  • Clear the continued cycle of general trauma, especially through the matriarchial and feminine lineage (aka The Mother Wound)
  • Finally find true belonging by developing a deeper connection to self, your higher power, and community. 
  • Forge the path to becoming your true self and become the leader that you feel yourself to be.
  • Take ownership of your life, realize that it is not your fault for what has happened to you, but it is your responsibility to heal it.
  • Integrate all aspects of yourself and finally understand the shadow self.
  • Develop Authentic RADICAL Self Love and learn to love the self as an emanation of the divine, see love as a force, a state of being.
  • Release yourself from ancestral trauma. Understand how epigenetics (cellular memory) is keeping your body trapped in a state of dis-ease.
  • Become a woman of impact and stand in your FULL power as a natural leader, influencer and healer.
  • Finally, fall in love with YOU.


    • Weekly  60-Minute 1:1 Coaching sessions via Zoom Video Conference Call
    • Additional Support through mid-week check-ins via text, voice memo or email.
    • Worksheets, Soul Work (homework) and journaling prompts to help you implement everything that you learn during your sessions
    • Custom Guided Visualizations and Healing Meditations (offered during sessions)
    • One week off for integration each month
    • Receive a Welcome Packet that details your Personalized Coaching Program Month by Month at a Glance
    • Recieve 50% OFF the upcoming 3-Day Sacred Ceremonial Retreat
    • PLUS lots of Client ONLY Bonuses and Discounts!



    • VIP 90-Minute Introductory Coaching Session (when paid in full)
    • Complimentary 30-Minute Intuitive Oracle Reading of Spiritual Divination Healing session (when paid in full)
    • Free Access to the Love Alchemy Course (when paid in full)